03 September 2021

A Day in the Life of…

Julie Evans – Senior Sales Consultant

Meet Julie, she is our Senior Sales Consultant based in the Wickford idverde office. As a senior member of our team, Julie is passionate about her work and enjoys interacting with clients to build relationships and ultimately grow idverde. She has a demonstrated history of working in the recreational facilities and services industry.

Julie Evans

A normal working day looks like this for Julie

‘Every day is different, mainly because I don’t yet know what our clients might need and clients are always my top priority!  My role is one of account management and sales – I am the link between our existing client base or a potential new client and idverde. Its all about “communication” for me!  Both with our clients and with colleagues in the many different service departments that make up idverde Group. Thankfully I am an enthusiastic communicator!’

How does Julie start her day?

‘With a very British, traditional cup of tea’


What different people does Julie interact with through her work?

‘Mainly Housebuilder and Commercial clients via their Surveying & Estimating teams, Sales and Site Managers. Then from idverde, everyone (near enough), all departments within the South-East and Kent and often departments from our other regional offices too!’


What systems/equipment does Julie use?

‘Microsoft office programmes such as Excel and Outlook for my many emails and Teams meetings, we also use Citrix for data storage. Equipment-wise, I use a laptop, drive a car and I wear my own smart clothes but with added PPE elements when I go to site. This usually includes a hard hat, a bright yellow hi-vis and the added class of some muddy PPE boots!’


Something that is exciting to Julie within her job

‘That I get paid to help people with something I am passionate about, every day! Landscaping is the icing-on-the-cake element.  It is what transforms a development from a building site to a place we could call home.  I’ve always loved the beauty in nature, so nothing gives me greater satisfaction, than seeing the “before” and helping to create the amazing “after”, especially if I have been involved in the design process – a real start to finish project!’


What keeps Julie motivated for her work?

‘Communication luckily, lots of humour and I quite like plants, trees, flowers and wildlife…win win!’

Does Julie think that Covid has affected her work?

‘YES! We had zero face-to-face communication, or meetings, or office visits for such a long time. I mainly worked from home, spending a lot of time on teams. I didn’t enjoy this as I missed the colleague and client interaction. Thankfully, we seem to now be in a transitional phase to a “new normal” with re-introduction of face-to-face meetings where feasible. Hopefully, I can start visiting client offices again soon!’


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