27 October 2021

idverde’s top tips for your garden this winter

During the winter season, there are still many tasks you can undertake in your garden to keep on top of the maintenance, especially during colder conditions. The trees and plants in our gardens require more attention to survive and bloom in the upcoming spring.

Caring for your lawn

Your lawn might seem like it could do with some tlc during the winter months, however, mowing is unnecessary during freezing conditions, especially if you find your lawn damp or crisp from the cold and drying winds. If this year’s winter is warmer than predicted, your grass might still grow. In that case, we recommend an occasional mow with the highest cut setting on your lawnmower but only if there is no frost about!

Cutting grass when it is frozen or wet can damage it, leading to bare patches and damaging the soil the grass is growing on. Instead, use this time to repair any summer damages that might be seen on our lawn, allowing you to prepare the grass for fresh growth in spring.

Removing fallen leaves from your grass can also be beneficial, as they might be blocking the light and drying the blades.


Don’t just throw away the fallen leaves, they make a great nutrient-rich compost! Find out how to create an autumn leaf compost here.

Trees and shrubs

Taking care of newly planted shrubs and trees is essential during the winter. The cold weather conditions and frost can loosen and expose the roots; when this occurs, re-firm them back into the soil to protect them from frosts and snow. Netting can also be used to stop the cold winds from damaging trees and shrubs by creating a temporary windbreak.

Plants and flowers

It is important to take care of any dead plants and flowers that still might be in your garden during the winter. Removing them stops damage to the plant and prevents rising fungal problems to roots, allowing space for new flowers to spring when the time comes. Any plants in pots can be raised from the frozen ground to stop them from absorbing any cold moisture, bulbs can also be preserved to be replanted the following year!

If you have any requirements for horticultural experts for your development, contact the team here.

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