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Sustainability Focused

At idverde Housebuilder, we recognise the importance of the environment and the role our organisation plays in helping to protect the environment for future generations. Most of the people who choose to work for idverde have a natural interest in wildlife and green spaces, leading to a cultural bias towards making our communities stronger while helping improve our outdoor spaces and support wildlife conservation. With this key interest already within our people, we can see everyday examples of our colleagues working in ways to make our services and practices more sustainable.

We are ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS ISO 45001 accredited, which supports and guides our practices and requires idverde to carry out annual Environmental Impacts and Aspects Assessments which touches on many aspects of the sustainability agenda. In a way of pushing on from our existing certified systems, we are now also fully committed to achieving B-Corps certification, which is a wholly ‘sustainability-focused’ process aimed at making all aspects of our business better with regards to Sustainability. Our current target for achieving this is early 2022 and will be delivered alongside the implementation of our ambitious Sustainability Strategy.

Sustainability Strategy

Our approach to sustainability has been tailored to suit the needs of our business, our customers and our stakeholders. At the outset of this process, we engaged with clients, industry organisations, strategic partners and our supply chain to assist in determining as broad and inclusive a scope to our strategy as possible. The framework we have adopted is to categorise our strategy under the headings of People, Planet and Performance, which is a corporate translation of the three-pillar conception of Sustainability.

By developing Sustainability Action Plans under each of these headings, idverde’s Housebuilder teams will address all major areas of the business concerning sustainability with a view to simply making the business better for colleagues, customers, communities and the environments within which we operate.


As a company with over 4,000 UK colleagues delivering services to hundreds of thousands of stakeholders in different ways, we recognise that we have the potential to affect people both positively and negatively.

Our people commitments are:

  • Develop employee skills and well-being to create a great workplace
  • Create partnerships with local communities
  • Establish connections between idverde, local colleagues and local communities
  • Develop local employability and create apprenticeship opportunities
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Environmental impacts vary in size and spread. Our carbon emissions for example have no geographic boundaries whereas hedge trimming activities have the potential to directly damage habitat in a local context.

Our planet commitments are:

  • Improve our carbon footprint; which will be delivered through our roadmap to carbon neutrality and net-zero
  • Protect and restore biodiversity, through strategic partnerships, training and education. We will seek to scrutinise and improve our methods and practices
  • Improve waste management processes and recover 100% of our green waste



Profit alone does not make an organisation sustainable. Everyday work practices and decision-making in our business activities can address issues such as waste reduction and efficiency issues which in turn creates sustainable performance for idverde and for its stakeholders.

Our performance commitments are:

  • Sensitise the whole organisation and its stakeholders to climate emergency, through training 100% of employees annually
  • To continue to provide expert, sustainable solutions for our clients
  • Continue to adopt new technologies, innovative solutions and practices that will positively impact on our carbon performance
  • Develop partnerships with innovative players


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Existing Initiatives

We have a long-standing relationship with the RSPB and employ dedicated RSPB colleagues to help maintain, enhance and restore sites for Nature Conservation (SINC) and other green spaces for wildlife.

Through the idverde Greenspace Development team, we deliver over 100,000 hours per year of community volunteering and added value activities.