01 February 2022

A Day in the Life of…

Aeron James - Senior Estimator

Meet Aeron, he is our Senior Estimator at idverde and has a demonstrated history of working in the environmental services industry. He is highly skilled at Estimating practices and also in Communication, Leadership, Management, Microsoft Excel, and Strategy.

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A normal working day looks like this for Aeron

‘Since taking on my new role, no two days have been alike yet. But other than travelling to meet and work with my new team, my day would begin with working through my email enquiries (Housebuilder estimating is very busy now!). Then, it would be an amalgamation of talking to our sales team members and Operational Directors to ensure each and every one of our branches are receiving the right quantity and quality of tenders so that they can do their jobs to the best of their abilities. In addition, I will be liaising with my team to help with any issues they may encounter, and of course where time allows trying to get down and produce some quotations myself!’

How does Aeron start his day?

‘A big pot or cup of coffee ready to fly through the aforementioned emails! Whether I am driving a long distance or sat at the desk at home, coffee is a must.’


What different people does Aeron interact with through his work?

‘I am lucky enough to interact with many aspects of both idverde and the Housebuilder clients that we serve. From my estimating team to our sales, operations and upper management via both email, phone, teams and of course now in person again. With our clients I generally speak to Quantity Surveyors to answer any questions they have regarding our tenders, and occasionally still take calls from old operational clients who I am met when I worked in branch in the West Midlands office’


What systems/equipment does Aeron use?

‘Estimating is all Excel, Excel, Excel. Many spreadsheets for logging, scheduling, and pricing. I also use measuring tools whilst quoting such as CAD or quickscale. And of course, all this is uploaded through Citrix’

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Something that is exciting to Aeron within his job

‘Although having helped previously in various capacities, this will be my first job role specifically as a manager. This is both daunting and exciting, and something that I am keen to try to learn as much about as I can. If I can do one thing, that is to make the working day as simple as possible for my team, so that they can get on with being great Estimators.’


What keeps Aeron motivated for his work?

‘In Housebuilder we are working towards amalgamating all our systems so that all the separate branches work and operate in much the same manner. Due to the previously independent nature of the branches, all estimating staff have used various systems and methods for quoting works. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks, and I am enjoying discussing with my staff the pros and cons of each and working towards us all singing from the same hymn sheet in the future.’

Does Aeron think that Covid has affected his work?

‘It has, but definitely in a positive manner! I have gone from 100% office based to now a blend of home and office-based work. Also, the transition from face-to-face meetings to using teams has been uniquely useful in preparing me for managing a team who are quite literally based nationwide.’


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