01 November 2021

A Day in the Life of…

Ian Gibson – Managing Director

Meet Ian, he is our Managing Director for idverde’s Housebuilder services and is based in our Coventry office. Due to his extensive operational expertise, and strong commercial background across diverse sectors, Ian has a track record of transforming service delivery to create both more cost-effective delivery and higher quality customer outcomes.

Ian Gibson

A normal working day looks like this for Ian

‘I have varied days which tend to have a mix of management meetings, one to one meetings, forecasting and sales calls, project meetings as well as client calls and meetings. I also travel to our different regions to meet my teams.’


How does Ian start his day?

‘I tend to start the day with a coffee and read any early emails that have come through to me, then from early on in the day I am into meetings and the decisions of the day’

What different people does Ian interact with through his work?

‘I have meetings with my team individually and as a group, I have meetings with clients in face and over the phone and I also have meetings with members of the wider idverde team within the UK.’


What systems/equipment does Ian use?

‘I use my laptop and mobile phone primarily and this is mainly email, calendar, Microsoft applications such as PowerPoint, Excel, Word and Project.’

Something that is exciting to Ian within his job

‘Making a difference, devising and working through a plan and bringing it to life to improve our delivery for our clients and our working environment for our colleagues.’

Pollinator Friendly Range

What keeps Ian motivated for his work?

‘The people around me and working with their creativity and energy to get the job done. Knowing that the work has purpose to it and can make a difference to people’s lives and environments.’

Does Ian think that Covid has affected his work?

‘It has made me realise we can have balance to both work and life. That not all meetings need to be in person and that there are different ways to get the job done. It also made me appreciate the outdoors more just because in lock down one of the best ways to stay motivated was walking in the outdoors’


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