01 March 2022

A Day in the Life of…

Jeff Thackeray - Operations Director

Meet Jeff, he is our experienced Operations Director at idverde with a demonstrated history of working in the recreational facilities and services industry. Strong professional skilled in Negotiation, Sales, Value Engineering, Hardscape, Plant Identification, and Tree Planting.

Jeff Thackeray

A normal working day looks like this for Jeff

‘I am responsible for about 50 people so my day is very busy and I try to be as organised as possible with my time. I am involved in the sales and estimating process as I need to be aware of possible projects coming through and ensure they are priced correctly to then sign off. I am often involved in sales negotiations trying to get the price in the right place to win a contract. Once we have won a contract, I then set up the financials/billing side. Then comes signing off the contractual documentation. I try to visit sites monthly to check quality and deal with any problems/audits. A large part of my day is spent with operations ensuring we are programming and purchasing wisely, helping with purchasing and practical problem solving. Dealing with employee matters and HR, stocktaking, various reporting and interviewing all form parts of my day!’

How does Jeff start his day?

‘A cup of tea and a chat with all my direct reports to ensure they are clear what they are doing and focused on their work. I don’t like to hear too much chit chat but understand it is important to stay bonded as a team and gives everyone a breather from their tasks.’


What different people does Jeff interact with through his work?

‘My own team; Estimating, Sales, Operations managers, contract coordinators, yard staff regarding stock/repairs, Credit control regarding debt and final accounts, HR, Payroll, finance. Externally I could be in a discussion with a QS about a quotation, sales directors regarding pending sales areas or areas that require uplifting, Technical staff regarding Value Engineering schemes/plant changes, Planning staff regarding audits of our installed works, suppliers regarding queries and best prices and my favourite, dealing with complaints which can come in from all angles from MDs to members of the public!’


What systems/equipment does Jeff use?

‘Laptop, Citrix, Excel, iTrent, iphone.’


Something that is exciting to Jeff within his job

‘Visiting a newly installed Show Home/roof Garden and seeing the quality of the hard and soft installation and also winning a £1m contract!’


What keeps Jeff motivated for his work?

‘Pride in my work and it is great to see the team I have built performing and succeeding.’

Does Jeff think that Covid has affected his work?

‘Yes, personally I struggled not being able to see people in person and being able to communicate effectively. The work load ‘catch up’ following Covid was great aided by the ‘help to buy scheme’ but we now have a slump in the market in work/revenue due mostly to Brexit; lack of construction industry materials and labour so all sites are behind massively on the programme. Until we see governmental policy change/trade deals I can only see this continuing. ’


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