01 October 2021

A Day in the Life of…

Tanya Wilsher – Sales Manager

Tanya is a Sales Manager at idverde, based in the Northampton office. Tanya considers herself a confident, professional and outgoing person with a variety of interests from financial to customer service, management and sales, all contributing to her success within her role.

Tanya Wilsher

A normal working day looks a bit like this for Tanya

‘No two days are the same. Often, it’s an early start travelling to meet clients in the North of the country for pre-starts or more recently, Teams meetings to discuss upcoming sites, run through existing tenders and schedule in works. I usually have an internal meeting once a day with different departments to ensure we are all working to the same goal to meet client expectations and address any process’s that need changing.’


How does Tanya start her day?

‘Always with a Grande White Mocha at Starbucks! Once the kids are at school it’s just the right amount of caffeine and sugar to get me through the day.’

What different people does Tanya interact with through her work?

‘When working on a play area with a developer, its important I talk to technical, commercial and production departments within the region for the specific play area. I get to work with the local authority on behalf of the developer too, mainly because we have more freedom to ensure everyone’s happy in terms of planning, community, and budget. Also, this ensures that there will be no issues or expense at the back end of the project as well as decreasing the clients’ workloads.

Internally, our department works very closely to ensure designs are accurate, estimating is correct (as we pride ourselves on not adding on variations throughout the project!) and that operations are confident in what they are delivering.’


What systems/equipment does Tanya use?

‘Daily, I use Microsoft CRM to track all our leads, quotes, and orders. As well as excel for client tenders and financials.’


Something that is exciting to Tanya within her job

‘A challenge! This is usually in the form of needing to reduce the budget of an already approved play area and involves me working with the local authority to reach a middle ground. The more input we have on a play area, the smoother the installation and the margin for error from planning to handover reduces.’


What keeps Tanya motivated for her work?

‘My clients! The relationships I have built with my customers over the last four years motivates me to consistently deliver for them and make their lives easier where possible. I always want the next install to be better than the last and truly believe that by working together and putting the necessary time into the play area, we can achieve amazing spaces for the community which fit budget.’

Does Tanya think that Covid has affected her work?

‘Covid has had a detrimental effect on the installation of play areas over the last 18 months, build programmes have changed and budgets have been spent elsewhere which has meant play areas have been at the back of the developer’s minds. This has a huge effect on children’s (and parents!) mental health when they do not have an open space to enjoy within walking distance of their home, not to mention the number of children that have had decreased physical activity as a result and the long-term effects this causes.

Given the desire to be outdoors since Covid, I think its important that our clients start using play and sports areas within their development as a sales tool. Install them early on to build a community and create a desirable place to live.’

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