01 December 2021

A Day in the Life of…

Tom Brazington - Operations Director

Meet Tom, he is our Operations Director and having previously owned his own landscaping company, Tom has vast knowledge about the market. By then moving into contract management with the main goal of opening a full time role into Sales, 2 years on and the role is booming as is the company. Having the “on the tools experience” and contract management skills of running a large workforce this makes the sales aspect so interesting to Tom.

Tom Brazington

A normal working day looks like this for Tom

‘My working day is always busy and always full of travel, hopping from region to region and attending meetings and dealing with our customer’s needs.’


How does Tom start his day?

‘I wake up usually around 4.30am and smash out a big training session and then hop into my ice barrel of 15 mins, this really gets me ready for the day’

What different people does Tom interact with through his work?

‘I love to get involved with everyone in the business I’m very sociable, and feel it is important.’


What systems/equipment does Tom use for work?

‘We at idverde are always growing and evolving so our systems and technology are also moving forward so watch this space!’

Housebuilder Services
Fencing Services | Housebuilder

Something that is exciting to Tom about his work

‘I love meeting new people, I’m very passionate about what I do and how I do it and I love the outdoors and the country we live in. I also like to make a difference and like to promote colleagues from within and help guide them to a better life.’


What keeps Tom motivated within his work?

‘I am motivated in everything I do, I compete in Ironman triathlons, crazy swim races and extreme races so this follows into my private and work life. I don’t need any extra motivation because I’m motivated.’

Does Tom think that Covid has affected his work?

‘It’s been tough for everyone and the logistics of getting the jobs done safely and securely and on time has had its challenges but we have all pulled together as a company and I am overjoyed to see light at the end of a very dark tunnel.’


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