11 April 2022

idverde’s Pet-friendly Garden Guide

April 11th is National Pet Day. The UK is a nation of pet lovers, but many people don’t realise the dangers pets might face whilst outdoors in the safety of their own garden. As big lovers of all animals, idverde has created a short guide on how to ensure that your outdoor space is safe for your furry friends.


Some of the most common garden plants, flowers and even houseplants can be dangerous to pets. To ensure that our four -legged friends stay safe whilst being out in the garden, make sure that plants such as daffodils, crocuses, lilies and lilies of the valley are not planted in easily reachable places or are not found in the garden at all. There are so many plants and flowers that are a risk to animals, find the full list on this page.

Pet-friendly Garden Guide

Pest Control

Snails and other insects might be affecting your fruit and vegetable patch but before reaching for chemical pesticides, consider how toxic they might be to your pet, as well as all the wildlife that visits your garden. There are many natural solutions to pest control that will help your pet remain safe whilst ensuring your garden can blossom, find some of them here.

Pet-friendly Garden Guide


Creating stone pathways or a patio space in your garden can be beneficial for your four-legged friends. In comparison to gravel or pebbles which can sometimes cause injuries to animals and create an unstable surface, stone paving can provide a great solution and help keep their nails short as they naturally wear down on the path.


A lawned area can provide an endless play space for your pets, however there is one thing to keep in mind, when your grass needs sprucing up. Ensure that your pet stays away from the seeds scattered, because of their shape, grass seeds can get stuck in your pet’s paws, eyes and ears which can cause them to burrow deep into their skin causing a range of issues.

Pet-friendly Garden Guide

Digging Spot

You might have issues with your perfect lawn being dug up by your adventurous dog or even rabbits. If your pet is a big digger, it’s a great idea to introduce a dig pit where your furry friend can have the time of their life without ruining the whole garden. Start by encouraging your pet to dig in one spot while providing them with treats.

Pet-friendly Garden Guide


With the summer approaching and high temperatures arriving, creating a shady spot for your pet by using trees and shrubs will give them a place to rest and not overheat whilst in the sun. If you have a variety of shaded areas, your pet can seek shelter when it needs to and make sure there is always a water source available.

By ensuring your outdoor space is safe for your pets, you will be able to enhance their environment and potentially bring even more wildlife to your garden!