Play Area Creation, Weaver Grange

Miller Homes
Miller Homes | 2018 | Moulton

Weaver Grange, Play Area Creation

Miller Homes contacted idverde to install a Local Area for Play (LAP) and Local Equipped Area for Play (LEAP) on their Moulton development.

idverde installed a LAP and LEAP for Miller Homes on their Moulton housing development. The aim was to maintain the rural feel within the new development whilst incorporating a number of play values to encourage the development of the local children. The site has a range of detached and semi-detached houses in a peaceful location perfect for children beginning to go out and play independently.

LAP, which stands for Local Area for Play, is a play area created for use by children aged six and below. LAPs are required to be within one-minute walking distance of a pedestrian route. A LEAP on the other hand, stands for Local Equipment Area for Play and provides equipment to stimulate challenging play opportunities for children beginning to go outside to play independently.  LEAPs are required to be within five minutes of walking distance of a pedestrian route.

The natural feel was achieved by sourcing bespoke badger sculptures to honour the ones living nearby to the Weaver Grange development and using hardwood play equipment to compliment the surroundings. The area creates a great space for imaginative play and somewhere for the whole community to enjoy.

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